July 25, 2006

I like my ghetto looking car. The no-hubcaps and big scrape on the passenger side give it a real NASCAR feel. But I'm not sure if I want to make more racecar modifications to my Camry yet. (Toyota Camrys are joining NASCAR next season.)

Look at this:

It's a bottle of hand sanitizer and a screwdriver. It's also how I refueled my car today.

Last night, as my gas light on the dash came on, I pulled into a gas station and was planning to fill up. I pulled on the gas door release lever beneath my driver seat and nothing happened. Maybe I popped the trunk instead, so I pulled the gas door thing again. Still nothing happened. It was kind of late at night, and I know I've pushed my tank further, so I figured I can try to fix it the next day. And if I couldn't, then I guess it would be time to make the NASCAR move and break off the gas tank door. (NASCAR vehicles don't have a cover to the gas tank.)

To fill up today, I had to prop up the gas door release lever with the bottle of hand sanitizer while I popped open the gas door with the screwdriver. A little research and poking around helped me to discover that at least the cable was not broken. I just need to replace a little spring in the door. But until I pick up the part, it's going to be Purell and a flathead to fill up the tank. Maybe I'll just leave it like that to give my car some character.

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