August 1, 2006

The San Francisco Giants didn't do much to better themselves before the non-waiver trading deading, but I have a bit of baseball information to share anyways. It involves a former Giant, the one and only Tsuyoshi Shinjo. I occasionally find updates about him from a blog about sports uniforms. (Scroll to the July 27th entry if you care to read the whole bit, but I'm giving you all the useful info. Yes, I know sports uniforms are not that exciting, but every now and then there is some interesting content.)

If you thought Barry Bonds used to get the superstar treatment here, he has nothing on Shinjo. Shinjo routinely wears flashy uniform accessories, but apparently for the Japanese All-Star game, he wore a belt that had a scrolling message in lights. The message read: 'Never Mind Whatever I Do, Fan Is My treasure'. Those crazy Japanese baseball players.

YouTube clips available here (about 3 min) and here (about 1 min) . Notice his multi-colored bat in the first video which he breaks in the second video, but somehow has another custom colored bat in reserve.

Can't believe the Giants didn't re-sign this guy. Brian Sabean is probably just waiting until this guy turns 40. No angry Giants-related comments needed here. Save them for KNBR.

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