June 22, 2006

The home team may be ousted, but World Cup Fever lives on.

For the next two and a half week, I'm changing my name to Calvininho.

I can't believe the US came out with a 4-5-1 in a must win game when the team had managed only 1 shot on goal in two previous games. They should have played a 4-3-3 or even better a 1-1-8. (Scroll down the right side to the third video clip from the bottom.)

The FIFA referees are just as bad as NBA refs. Someone watching the game here suggested Team USA sub in Dwayne Wade against Ghana because then he would get all the calls.

Soccer Girl gave me a red card.

My fantasy soccer team, the Yellow Cards, have lost 7 games in a row (3 in league).

At least Cote d'Ivoire went out strong with a 3-2 win.

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