June 26, 2006

I haven't seen Cars the movie, but I do watch lots of fast cars on tv. The fastest car this week: the 24 Dupont Chevy driven by Jeff Gordon.

While driving someone home from church this afternoon, she commented that my brother and I have the same car. We both drive Toyota Camrys. My dad, even though he just bought a Matrix, still drives his old Camry. My mom drives a BMW. The Toyota gene in our family must be located on the Y chromosome. I'll have the Human Genome Project look into it.

While at my parents' house this afternoon, I did notice that there were 3 VW Beetles parked all within 100 feet of one another. I like German engineered cars and I think autobahns are cool, but I am not a fan of these bug-cars. Maybe it's from all those stupid punch-bug games people play or just that my elevated testerone levels prohibit me from operating such a 'cute' automobile. In any case, I don't intend to ever drive a Beetle. In fact, I've learned how to deliver a baby just in case if I were ever to be in a situation where a pregnant lady is about to give birth and the only car around was a VW Beetle, just so I would not have to drive her to the hospital. I have also learned how to treat gunshot wounds and how to surgically re-attach limbs for this reason. Given any other vehicle with at least 4 wheels (or tracks in the case of tanks or bulldozers), I would make it to nearest hospital in less than 8 minutes. 8 minutes and 14 seconds if I needed to pit.

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