May 11, 2006

I may have been tagged by Hideyo. Anytime I get marked for one of these online games of tag where you have to make a list of thing or answer a bunch of questions, I pretend I'm back at a football game at Berkeley where I do not respond to any mention of my name. (I like reading people's list, just don't like making my list.) I usually don't play tag anymore. Not because I run too slow or because I don't like being 'it.' I choose not to run. (Edit: This episode of Seinfeld appeared on tv 2 hours after I posted this. Amazing!)

I haven't played a true game of tag since The Great Freeze of '88 in 4th grade. The PE teachers at my elementary school still talk about it to this day. During a game of freeze tag, I was 'it' and singlehandedly froze 23 kids on my way to claiming victory in 4 minutes and 42 seconds. The class was stunned. I was not allowed to play any form of tag with them for the rest of the year. Since then, I have decided to only unleash my speed in important life-saving situations. Like when I need to score from first on a base hit or when I need to run away from a bee.

So, back to this tag/list thing. I guess the theme of list is the number 4, although there are 10 items on the list. I'll bend my tag rule for the first item on the list because it interested me. Four jobs.

Four Jobs:
a) Laundry attendant
b) Inner-city youth worker
c) TV repairman (According to Jason, I got fired from this job prior to working at the school.)
d) School tutor

The first four were easy. It's job number e) that's going to take some figuring out. (Yes, e is not a number.) In about one month school ends and so does my job. Maybe sooner if I end up slapping some idiot kid. I'm considering a few options, including mission stuff, but finding a job at times is tedious. Every employer wants energetic, highly motivated, professional, team players with a good sense of humor and 3-5 years of experience who can multi-task well to work in a fun-loving, fast-paced, and exciting environment with opportunities for advancement.

I've been putting it off for a while, but these next few weeks will determine where God wants me to be. I did not put tv repairman on my resume.

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