May 9, 2006

Today's post is brought to you by the number 24.

Looks like Kobe Bryant is leaving DEI to join Hendricks Mototsports and the 24 team. He should change it to 81. Or whatever his prison number was in Denver. Starting at shooting guard, number C9389278.....

24 is getting ridiculous. Yet it is ridiculously entertaining. For those of you who do not yet read the Chronicle's Tim Goodman's blog The Bastard Machine, you should at least check it out on Monday night/Tuesday morning for his 24 columns. Hilarious. (Read only after you watch that week's episode. Now would be a good time to mention that 24 spoilers are coming up.)

My favorite line yesterday was when Jack threatened to land the freaking plane himself yesterday. The crooked pilot should have called Jack's bluff. Jack would then have had to call Chloe and download a flight simulator program onto his phone and then connect his phone to the onboard system. Jack's cell phone/PDA can do anything (set off explosives, pick up real time satelite images, play PSP games), get reception anywhere, never gets low on batteries, and somehow does not have a vibrate mode. Chloe can also do anything using a computer. Hack into NSA and CIA sites, reposition satelites in space to get a license plate off a car in a mall parking lot, or find out when the next time Mission Impossible is showing at the theater nearest to the one Jack just blew up. Chloe probably should get a raise after this season/day is over.

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