May 21, 2006

A few additional comments on sports:

The NBA playoffs bore me. I only check in on the last 4 minutes of the games. That's only if Dallas or Phoenix is playing. And if whatever I'm watching is going to commercial. Even with the multi-tv setup.

I have been watching hockey playoffs, but I have to boycott this round of the NHL playoffs. Just until I get over the Sharks unclutchness in the last round. Then I can enjoy the Stanley Cup finals.

Of course, every four years, I catch that disease known as World Cup Fever. Strangely enough, I have developed an immunity to Winter Olympic fever. The soccer bug is pretty bad this year. I was considering calling in sick last Wednesday just to watch the Champions League final on tv. I ended up recording it and watching it after work even though I hate watching non-love sporting events. Must be too much Joga Bonita.
adidas is the official World Cup sponsor, and Time magazine had a great article about how Nike is trying to steal away adidas' market share in soccer so it can rival Microsoft in the world dominace department. I am an adidas guy, but I gotta give props to Nike soccer for their efforts.

I'm glad that Bonds finally got 714 and will soon hit 715, but Pujols is going to end with 92 homers this season. And it's all because the pitchers are off the juice.

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