April 9, 2006

Only because I heard this topic mentioned in 2 different sermons today...
A mutant fish fossil does not prove the case for evolution. One of the researchers claimed 'This is another gap closed that a deity no longer needs to fill.' I majored in biology, so that makes me an expert of sorts in these matters and my scientific opinion is that these researchers are full of crap. They need to learn that there are some gaps that only a Deity can fill.

I'm currently reading through Darwin on Trial by Phillip Johnson, which makes a scientific and logical argument against Darwin's theory of evolution. It's a really dense book, but it makes so much sense. Even if one is convinced that God did not create the universe and all that lies within, there are so many holes in Darwin's theory that I can't believe so many in the field of science hold evolution to be the only way. (Might explain more some other day. I'm almost over my scientific information threshhold for one post.)

Speaking of academics, Spike Tv is currently showing one of my favorite movies, The Principal starring James Belushi. He is the baddest ass school administrator ever.

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