April 11, 2006

JERRY:(Looks at Kramer's AIDS walk list.) Hey, Lena Small's on this list.

ELAINE: Lena Small?

JERRY: Yeah, that girl I was gonna call for a date, she was unlisted...and now here's her number.

ELAINE: Oh, you're not gonna cop a girl's phone number off an AIDS charity list!


ELAINE (warns): She's gonna ask how you got her number.

JERRY: Oh, I'll tell her I met some guy who knew her and he gave it to me.

ELAINE: What's he look like?

JERRY: I really didn't pay much attention, I'd just come from buying a speedboat.

ELAINE: You're buying a speedboat?

JERRY: See, we're already off the subject of how I got her number. (Elaine laughs.) All I gotta do is get past the first phone call and I'm home free.


New scene - Jerry on the phone in his apartment.

JERRY: Hello, Lena? Hi, it's Jerry Seinfeld. How did I get your number? I met a guy that knows you, he gave it to me...I don't remember his name. Think it began with a W, maybe a Q. I wasn't paying that much attention, I'd just come from shopping for a speedboat...

I didn't use an AIDS Walk list, and I need a better diversion than speedboat shopping, but we'll see if the tactics work.

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