April 12, 2006

Last Friday, I was experiencing some major tooth pain. It was as if the Wolves of Isengard were unleashed in my upper right molar. It hurt so bad I almost couldn't even play poker that night.

Since then, I have had sporatic spurts of pure pain eminate from this tooth. I needed a root canal, so I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Nate for today. I almost went with Dr. Nick, but Dr. Nate seemed a bit more qualified.

Root canals, especially with the back teeth, involve a lot of drilling and have a reputation for being painful. Being the tough guy I am, I told Nathan to save the novocaine for the little girls in the waiting room and just start drilling away. Okay, maybe I didn't do that. I think my actual request was to shoot me up with enough novocaine to kill a small bear.

The procedure went well, with little discomfort for me. Next week, I have to go back to get a crown put in place. Then I will have the teeth of kings. Although I'm thinking about going the Flavor Flav route and just getting them all gold plated.

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