April 6, 2006

I didn't feel like going to work today. So I didn't. Besides, Giants home openers should be a holiday anyways. Watching baseball and golf was a much better way to spend the day. I need to find a job where I can work from home.

Few more baseball items:

- Looks like I jinxed Jimmy Rollins. Too bad.

- I like the Crocodile Hunter ESPN commercial. The Nike street and indoor soccer commercials are also very entertaining.

- This Saturday is going to be Magnet Schedule Giveaway Day at just about every major league stadium. I learned this from flipping through the Extra Innings games.

- Pedro Martinez is my favorite pitcher. He strikes batters out. He starts bench clearing brawls. He currently leads the league with 3 HBP.

-HBP is one of my fantasy baseball team names. The other two teams share the name Stat Whores.

- I still hate the rubber chicken gimmick at Pac Bell Park (aka At&T Park). If Giants management wasn't so chicken a few years ago and picked up Vladmir Guerrero (or Manny Ramirez), Bonds would have 771 career home runs by now.

- Eric Gagne really is Game Over. Too bad.

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