April 6, 2006

Comcast has the MLB Extra innings/NHL Center Ice preview going on this week, so I've been watching a lot of baseball and I have a few obervations:

- I hate the save stat. I'll chase it in a couple fantasy leagues, but I hate the stat. The most overrated pitching stat ever. I hate managers who only use their 'closer' in save situations. One of the tv guys in the NY-WAS game was giving Frank Robinson, a Hall of Famer who might know someting about baseball, some crap about bringing in his closer in a non-save situation. Washington went on the win the game in extra innings without a save opportunity. When you need to win a game, bring in your best pitcher, especially if he's getting paid 7 times what the other relievers are making.

- Jimmy Rollins still has a long way to go. Why is everyone making a big fuss about adding an asterick if he gets a 57 game hit streak over 2 seasons? He's at 38 games, which is impressive, but he still needs to get a hit in the next 19 games. That means he has to get a hit in every game until April 26, or roughly until the next time Pedro Feliz draws a walk.

- Best thing about baseball being back: No more watching the Golden State Warriors. They chose to show the Sharks on FSN+ and bypassed the Warriors game completely.

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