April 28, 2006

Just so everyone doesn't think all I do is watch Spanish tv, I actually read as well. I do occasionally try to read parts of the New Testament in Spanish. Once again, not as entertaining as watching La Escuelita VIP.

I'm halfway through CS Lewis' The Magician's Nephew. I was inspired by Lazy Sunday to finally see the Narnia movie, but I wanted to read the book first.
I'm also halfway through a series of books called The Keys of the Kingdom by Garth Nix, which is similar to the Harry Potter stories, but about half as many pages.

Today in the school library, I was browsing through a book on marine biology. I think whales are such fascinating fish. In a rare coincidence, The Marine Biologist episode of Seinfeld was on tv tonight. It might be a sign for me to go check out that book.

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