March 23, 2006

When I buy shirts, I like to have them have them inspected by Number 1.
I got 2 shirts today. One was certified by Inspector Number 1, but the other one had me thinking maybe I should exchange it. There was one sticker for Inspector 25 with a pen mark across it, and also a sticker from Inspector 6 (or possibily 9). I didn't even know they went up to 25. I thought there were just 13 of them. So now I'm left wondering if the shirt was rejected by Number 25 and then overruled by Number 6 (or 9). Either way, the t-shirt fits just fine.

What do these shirt inspectors look for anyways? 2 sleeves, one hole for the head, the bottom isn't sewn shut, pass! Do they start off as sock inspectors and literally work their way up the clothing chain? Can they choose their own numbers?
And why don't they check to make sure there's no stickers attached to my clothes before I buy them? Are these guys like artists, where they have to sign their work?

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