March 12, 2006

Thanks to our multi-screen setup, I have watched close to 80 hours of college basketball in the past 4 days. And the Madness is just beginning. This week puts the Mad in Mad Cal. A flight and a room in Las Vegas already have my name on it. It might be my favorite time of the year.

It's time to take the Bracketology 101 final. Every year, I have rules that must be followed for success in any office pool. My updated rules and picks will be out by Tuesday exclusively on this blog. The next 16 waking hours will be spent studying 3 point shooting percentages and offensive rebounding differentials. I will win every single one of the $1,000,000 bracket challenges. Then I will take my winnings and bet huge sums of money against the Warriors for the rest of the season. By the time the NBA playoffs come around, I should have enough cash to buy out Google. (Just in case it wasn't obvious, the Warriors remain on my Blacklist. Many college teams have played their way on this list as well.)

I'm surprised Cal got a 7 seed. I just did not want an 8 or 9 (I was hoping for a 10). The basketball team can then channel the BCS fury of the football team from 2 years ago to lead them to victory against Texas in the second round. The key to Cal victories: Give Leon Powe the ball every single time on offense. If he is out of the game, just hold the ball for 32 seconds before launching up a 3. Leon Powe needs to be The Man.

The Man Team's captain is Gerry McNamara of Syracuse. G-Mac has been one of my favorite college players since I saw him single-handedly win a tourney game a few years ago as a freshman or sophomore by making four or five long-range threes from 25+ ft.

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