March 10, 2006

My favorite lines from the best Martin Lawerence movie ever. Jamal SkyWalker (played by Martin) is trying to stall his own execution.

Black Knight: Behold! I am a great sorceror. Do not anger me, for with these hands, (holding a lighter) I make fire! (After several attempts to light it) Fire! Ha ha!

Unimpressed townfolk: We have fire.

Evil Villian: Execute him!

Well, we finally have fire in the kitchen again. Our previous stove was decommissioned a few weeks ago due to a minor gas leak from one of the burners. After a few threats to withhold rent, a new stove was finally delivered. We had been living off the microwave, the toaster oven, and Weinersnitzel. We couldn't even boil water to make ramen. It was sad. But now we can live like kings again. Or maybe knights. Kings didn't do much of their own cooking.

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