March 7, 2006

'You want my blood? Take my blood!' -Samuel L. Jackson's character from the Negotiator (Always got to put the L in his name for some reason.)

I used to defend our house against spiders all the time. But after I went exclusively to fire as my weapon of choice, the eight legged bastards didn't want any piece of me.

But a new enemy has appeared. And they are out for blood. In fact, they want to suck my blood. If they were just vampires who looked like Kate Beckinsale, I wouldn't mind so much, but the enemy I speak of are mosquitoes. The mosquitoes have a secret base somewhere in the house and when I find it, I'm going to pull an Anakin Skywalker on them and not only kill them, but kill them all. And not just the men mosquitoes, but the women and children as well.

Mosquitoes are much more difficult to burn, but that's why God made electric fly swatters.

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