March 28, 2006

No need to order Showtime anymore. It looks like Arrested has gotten the death penalty.

NBC's new show Teachers (Tuesday at 9:30 after Scrubs) looks pretty good. Of course, none of the teachers at the school I work at look like the ones on the show.

Adams Middle School's API (Academic Performance Index?) statewide ranking went from a 1 to a 3 in the past year. That means it went from the bottom 10 percent up to the top 80 percent.

I used some creative data reporting skills there. Not fudging numbers, just making it sound better. Like how I used to report my mile time as 4:84 (four minutes, eighty four seconds) so I could call it a sub-5 mile. (I went running today, closer to a 44 minute mile pace though.)

With the help of some brilliant tutors, the school's rating should be at least a 4 next year. Even if I have to take about 60 of those test myself.

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