February 15, 2006

This is going to sound stupid to many people, but one of the things I miss most about living at 5824 was the park across the street. Maybe not the park itself, but I miss being able to throw things into the park.

Years from now, Wildcat Canyon will be overrun with patches of tomatos and potatos (or tomatoes and potatoes, I don't know which). Trees bearing all kinds of fruit will grow. Perhaps someday a few of the approximately 3000 eggs we tossed in there may hatch young chickens. (Not only have I mastered egg juggling, I am an all-star in any egg throwing competition. Accuracy, distance, toss and catch, you name it.)

I mention this because our stove is currently not functional and some food items are going to waste. I can only microwave so many things. And throwing rotting fruit into the garbage is not nearly as sastifying as throwing it at the pole above the rock next to tall spiky tree by the fence on the right.

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