February 13, 2006

I had to withdraw from the US Olympic Curling team because of an undisclosed lower leg injury. Seriously, I think if I wanted to, I could qualify for the 2010 Olympic team. It actually looks fun. This 'sport' is basically shuffleboard on ice with teammates that use brooms to sweep a clear path on the ice. I could definitely make the team as an ice sweeper. I would then revolutionize the sport by using a high powered vacuum instead.

Roger and I made a wager over Olympic hockey today. Roger picked the Czechs to win the gold in hockey. I think that Team Canada will win. I'm confident because when I asked Coach Gretzky if his team will get the gold and he said 'You can bet on it!'

Curling and men's hockey are the only two Winter Olympic events that I would watch. (Summer Olympics are much better. That's where Kurt Angle got his gold medal.) Half of the winter events belong solely in the X-games and the other half reminds me of Disney on Ice. I hate Disney on Ice. But I guess Michelle Kwan would make a pretty good Snow White someday.

Craziest event: Skeleton. I'm almost positive this sport was created by a bunch of lugers (are those who compete in luge called lugers?) who got drunk one night after practice. 'I dare you to go head-first. Ha ha, okay. Hey that looks like fun!' The name of this 'sport' came from the bodies that kept piling up at the bottom of the waterslide-like track.

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