February 10, 2006

Despite the video evidence, I really do like tv. I've picked up a few more watching habits in the last month. More than just the usual helpings of 24, Scrubs and the Office.

-I was just checking my recording schedule and found that ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT will be airing its last 4 episodes of season 3 on FOX tonight (Fri 8-10pm). In the history of sitcoms, only the legendary Seinfeld has ever ranked higher on the Mad Cal list. How do crap shows like Will and Grace or any ABC sitcom stay on while Arrested gets booted?

-I've decided that Rollergirls on A&E is a good show. If I lived in Texas, or any trailer park dominated area, I would love to check out the roller derby. Seriously.

-Charmed has also moved up on my viewing list. Alyssa Milano, Rose McGowan, and the other girl who plays Piper are awesome. My roommate Ted seems to know all the answers whenever something doesn't make sense on this show. Of course, there are times when both of us don't know what is going on and nothing makes sense, but we watch anyways (kind of like when we saw Underworld 2) because we have to decide if Phoebe (Alyssa) or Paige (Rose) looks better in that particular episode. You've got to love the power of the Y-chromosome.

-The presense of Ted has also brought WWE Raw back into my weekly schedule. More Y-chromosome induced tv viewing. We haven't seen much of Torrie Wilson lately. I think Chris Masters and a few other grapplers look like they are planning a road trip to climb Brokeback Mountain. But still, nothing beats a spinner championship belt and a well executed spinebuster. Although this coming week, Raw gets bumped from Monday to Thursday because of a freaking dog show. A major sign of weakness for Vince McMahon.

-#1 Single on E! Lisa Loeb is really cool. And she looks really good. Those glasses are hot. I was shocked to find out she's almost 38 years old. But she's single and I'd go out with her.

-Drawn Together on Comedy Central. So wrong, but so funny. This show amuses me almosts as much as Robot Chicken on Cartoon Network.

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