January 22, 2006

In addition to what seems like 35 hours of television this past week, I've also seen a few movies.


Blood and gore + naked girls + Quentin Tarentino = potentially an All Time Top Ten Movie. But I can't give it that high of a rating. There were plenty of blood, but only 2 gory scenes that I liked. (I have high standards for blood and gore.) None of them made me want to cringe and turn away like when I was watching Saw 2. The story was pretty weak overall. It would have been awesome if instead of the regular movie theater seats, they had the audience handcuffed and locked down in a chair like the victims in the movie.

Soul Plane

We weren't expecting much from this film, but someone kept telling us how funny it was. It had a few funny moments, but mostly it had hot girls. The guy's girlfriend, Tom Arnold's daughter, and a few of the flight attendants kept our attention for most of the movie. This was not a very good movie. Did I mention we were able to watch it only because Jason had a bootleg copy? Soul Plane is the 3rd highest grossing bootleg dvd in history, only behind Big Momma's House and Jurassic Park III.

Lord of War

Lord of War should have been called Lord of Crap. I was hoping for the Nicolas Cage that I saw in The Rock, Con Air, Gone in 60 Seconds, National Treasure or even Face-Off. But instead, we get the actor who made movies like The Weather Man, The Family Man and Matchstick Men, which are all movies that I think suck and therefore will never watch. (Note to Mr. Cage's agent: avoid all movie titles with Man in it.) The only reason we watched this movie was because Ted's friend had made a bootleg copy of it. The only reason we watched the Lord of Crap to the end was because we had already seen about 50 minutes of it and felt pot-committed.

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