January 26, 2006

I stopped by the Department of Motor Vehicles today to renew both my auto registration and my license. I paid with a check so the clerk asked to see some ID. I showed her my driver's license so that I could pay for my driver's license. It's ironic. I got the brew she got the chronic. And the Mavs beat the Supersonics. (104-97. Dirk had 29 and 12.)

My car has its birthday in January, so I'm one of the first to get the new registration sticker. This year, it's a shiny aqua green.
Why do we have to pay a 'planned nonoperation' fee to the DMV if I don't want to drive my car? Gotta pay to use my car, gotta pay not to use my car. What a scam. That and those freaking smog checks. Things are going to change when I'm the Governor/President.

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