December 10, 2005

Today was one of those days where I thought I had something scheduled, but I forgot what it was. So I sat around the house thinking December 10th, December 10th, December 10th. What was it? It probably wasn't to watch Seinfeld dvds, but I guess it couldn't have been that important. Hopefully, I didn't promise to donate a kidney or lung to anyone today.

Last week, the Baltimore Ravens joined the Blacklist when they were the only team not to cover on my 10 team teaser. I used to cheer for Kyle Boller when he struggled at Cal. I put Jamal Lewis' prison record behind him and gave him a chance at redemption by drafting him inthe second round of my fantasy draft. And this is how they repay me. Couldn't even beat the lousy Texans by 2.5 points. Colts and Bengals this week. Need to win big to fund the Vegas bowl trip. It will be my third trip to Sin City in the last 9 months. I'm currently reading Bringing Down the House. Odds of attending a Gamblers Anonymous meeting are now even money.

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