December 11, 2005

I hate sports cars that drive slow. Yes, I'm talking to you, silver MR2 driving through the tunnel on Highway 24 back toward Oakland.

I hate paying for auto insurance.

I hate ace high flushes going down in Omaha.

I hate the Cincinnati Bengals. Not enough to put them on the list, but they're close.

I hate the Miami Dolphins defense. They hold Tomlinson to 75 yards and no scores, meaning unless if Donte Stallworth scores many touchdowns on Monday night, my fantasy football season is over. (I'm already a lock for the Reggie Bush sweepstakes in my other league.) Great week to suck it up, LT. On the plus side, I have always liked Donte because he's fast, just like Az Hakim.

I hate The West Wing's Sunday 8pm time slot. I'm just mad I keep forgetting to record it. I would be more upset if this season's shows were any good.

I hate having a layer of ice on my car in the mornings. Driving up the hill on my way to work while looking into the sun is hard enough without having to do the Ace Ventura stick your head out the window thing.

I hate going to work on Mondays. Especially when I have to drive my ice covered car behind some slow moving Mustang. When I'm President, every other Monday will be a federal holiday. Movie Day, Pepsi Day, Magic Trick Day, and so on. Vote for me.

Have a nice day.

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