December 13, 2005

The evacuation process has started. I've started to pack up my stuff into boxes.

I have a lot of books. That shouldn't be surprising for someone as educated and enlightened as me. Included in my vast my library are many Tom Clancy novels, the complete works of William Shakespeare, a bunch of stuff from Max Lucado, a few Calvin and Hobbes, the Hallo-Wiener, a lot of coffee table sports books and a few old textbooks.

I was also finally able to tally up how much Jeff Gordon crap I have. Most of it was either already in boxes or crammed on the shelf in the corner. I ended up having more boxes of NASCAR stuff than books. Strange thing is that I haven't picked up any Jeff Gordon items for almost a year.

The unofficial count from years of shopping at Target, Toys R Us, and eBay:

1/64 scale cars: 43 (I rarely purchase duplicate items. Every one of these Hot Wheel sized cars has a different paint scheme or package material.)

1/43 and 1/24 scaled cars: 7 (Ironically, I don't collect these because they take up too much space. Maybe I need to buy less books.)

Action figures (Starting Lineups and McFarlanes): 15

Remote control or radio contolled cars: 5

24 team transporters: 3

Miscellaneous Jeff Gordon items: 18 (Includes a car inside a Pepsi can, a finger skateboard, a Jack figure from Jack-in-the-Box with the Dupont Chevy uniform, and a tie.)

I can't even imagine how much cash I spent on this stuff. $5 here, $10 there, $2 to ship, probably enough to buy a real freaking Chevy Monte Carlo for myself to drive.

Bonus clean-out item: I got a Terrell Owens bobblehead from signing up for a credit card or something a while back. I'm going to grab an old golf club, take it outside, and see if Owens' head really is as hard a Titleist. There is going to be so much random crap located in the park across the street by the time I'm done moving out of here.

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