December 6, 2005

Got the Warriors hookup a few weeks ago and got the Sharks hookup today from Howard. Lower level center ice 20 rows behind the penalty boxes. We got there a few minutes late, but still saw plenty of action as the Sharks scored their third consecutive 5 goal effort in a win since Joe Thornton joined the team. We saw him score his first goal as a Shark. I also saw goalie Vesa Toskala give up a breakaway goal to Hossa through the 1-hole.

With all the technology used in sports today, why does the NHL still use a corded telephone whenever the referee has to call the video goal judge? They have to make a small circular hole in that one plexiglass board between the penalty boxes just so they can stick the phone through to the ref. Everyone nowadays has cell phones. Why not hook up the NHL officials? I guess the league is worried about being charged overtime minutes.

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