November 13, 2005

The check's in the mail. Really.

I picked up some mail from my parent's house in SF today and I got a bunch of checks. That's because I ordered some new checks, not because I was cashing in on some money making scheme. I guess I don't write too many paper checks anymore, but when I do pay rent, the landlord will receive payment printed with a DC superhero. Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, Flash, or Wonder Woman. My last set of checks featured golf backgrounds. You might think someone my age would get some professional looking checks, but nope.

And the planets must have been lined up just right this week, because I also received a rebate check in the mail. It was for $8, but I have already forgotten what it was for. It's nice to get something to deposit into my bank account. It's been a while. And my paycheck doesn't come until December 10th, so there's going to be lots of empty space on my bank statement under the deposits department. Not so empty under the checks/withdrawals/transfers dpartment though.

I also recently received a check for $0.19. It was a royalty check for a cameo in a Japanese tv show called the Super Terrific Happy Hour. Actually an unnamed credit card company decided it would be worth it to print up a check for nineteen cents, slap on a 32 cents stamp and mail my change back it to me, rather than wait for me to use my credit card again. And their boring checks didn't have Superman on them.

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