November 11, 2005

It's been many years since I got Veterans Day off. Too bad I'm not feeling so great, so I've got to stay home, read the papers and watch tv. Still better than work I guess.

My favorite local newspaper is the SF Chronicle, which I read on I like the Chron's sports section, especially the Betting Fool and Scott Ostler columns. I also like Tim Goodman's columns. Goodman is the TV guy. I tend to agree with most of his show picks and I like it when he rants. In today's column, he uses the word 'dumbassification' twice. What a great word.

In some sad TV news, I hear that Fox is giving Arrested Development the boot. Looks like some dumbassification has been going on in the FOX offices.

Speaking of dumbasses, I picked up the Beavis and Butthead dvds. Yes, it's stupid, I know. I feel my intelligence rating has been dropping since I started watching Tripping the Rift season one on dvd. But it's funny, so it's worth losing a few brain cells over.

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