November 16, 2005

I usually hate reality programming on television, but this week, I found one show I liked. It was on CMT, the country music station. The show was a documentary on the selection process of this season's Dallas Cowboys' cheerleaders. It's been on a few times this week and I keep watching parts of it. I'm sure there's a lot of drama and emotional stuff going on, but I wouldn't really know because I usually watch it on mute.

After watching this documentary, I can say for a fact that my theory about successful football teams needing hot cheerleaders is true. Documentaries on tv never lie. There is a reason that the Cowboys are 6-3 leading the NFC East and the 49ers are not even ranked in the USA Today coaches poll. Make that two reasons: Dallas has the great Drew Bledsoe and SF has special teamers/7th round picks/guys from Utah lining up under center.

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