September 19, 2005

Arrested Development (Fox, 8pm/7pm Central) is back!! For those who have never seen it, start now. The West Wing is coming back as well, but I don't like the Sunday 8pm time slot. I'm finally getting some stuff to watch on tv. And along with the NFL season, comes my favorite football-nerd show, NFL Matchup on ESPN.

Speaking of the NFL, how on earth does Peyton Manning and the Colts only manage 10 points? I don't know if I was more shocked that the Colts/Jags didn't cover the 47.5 points for the over or that the Bears/Lions somehow did. Anyways, from now on, I'm following Sports Guy's advice to never bet on the Vikings again. I've decided that betting on sports gives me better odds than playing online poker. I might change my mind if a team I bet on loses a game on runner-runner onside kick returns for TD's in the last 45 seconds. I bet it will happen on the 5th game of a miracle 5 game parlay someday. Then I will give up gambling for good.

If you drafted Daunte Culpepper, trade him for a backup running back now. My top 4 draft picks netted one point for me this week. 1. For the fantasy football aficionados out there, I enjoy reading this column from by Snake who rants about all that went wrong each NFL week from a fantasy sports perspective. Gives me a good laugh after one too many Jamal Lewis fumbles.

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