September 15, 2005

I went to the Giants game tonight. It wasn't very pretty. But even uglier than the play on the field, was this Giants jersey I saw a fan wearing. He had his own number put on the back. The number: 415. I understand the Giants are in San Francisco, where the area code is 415, but please don't put three digits on the back of a baseball jersey. If you don't have a number you really like, just put 1 or 99, both of which are kind of lame, but at least acceptable on the back of a fan.

In a related sports jersey bit, during a trip to Vegas while in the sportsbook, my buddy De and I were talking about how some people should not wear football jerseys. Especially the older white men who are not athletic and who don't have enough street cred to be sporting throwbacks. We agreed that even if they must wear a jersey to support their team, in no cases ever should they tuck in their jerseys because it makes them look even stiffer and even more uncool. About a minute after we finished our conversation, my other friend Gary, (who is white, lanky, and unathletic) walks up to us, wearing a tucked in William Floyd 49ers jersey. It was hilarious. (I made him untuck his jersey before he could hang out with us.)

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