August 18, 2005

What qualifies one of be a celebrity? A celebrity is defined by as a famous person. It used to be that people who acted on tv or in movies, or were rock stars or athletes could be considered celebs. But in this lousy wave of 'reality tv' (or as I call it, 'crap'), I guess being a loser can grant you celebrity status.

And one of my favorite cable channels is guity of this. Bravo has this stupid Battle of the Network Reality Stars show where they get people who competed or appeared in other shows/contests and make them compete in physical challenges or races or something. (E! had a similiar show featuring reality outcasts as well.) And Bravo also televises Celebrity Poker Showdown, by far one of the worst poker shows in this universe.

But it's even worse this week because I think they are doing some crossover show, where the 'celebrity' poker players are the same idiots competing in their Network Reality Stars show. I was flipping channels and I saw a midget lady and Omorosa playing celebrity poker. What kind of loser society have we come to where Omorosa has gained single name and celebrity status by basically being a bitch while working for the Donald? (At least Trump kind of worked for his single name status.)

I can't wait until some real shows (such as Arrested Development) come back to tv. Right now, I only have Reno 911 to watch. Even SportsCenter with all that 50 states in 50 day crap sucks. All those tv's going to waste make me sad.

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