August 16, 2005

The number one movie this past weekend was Four Brothers. Jason didn't like it very much, but I enjoyed it. The plot indeed was lame, and the violence was somewhat senseless and unnecessary, but Mark Wahlberg movies always entertain me. Plus this movie had Andre 3000 and the guy I liked from from Sports Night (Josh Charles) who also played a sneaky cop in SWAT.

I may have mentioined this before, but the greatest Marky Mark movie is The Big Hit. This movie is great not because of Walhberg, but because of the phone call made by the kidnappers to demand the ransom.

For those who are not familiar with this movie, there was a device called a Trace-buster that basically works as a caller ID blocker. But then there is a special device called the Trace-buster-buster that is designed to counter and bust out the Trace-buster. So of course, that opens the door for the creation of the Trace-buster-buster-buster, to bust out their Trace-buster-buster, which is trying to bust out your original Trace-buster. I actually will watch this movie every time it comes on tv (or at least have it on screen 3 in our house) until I get to this part. Then I bust out laughing. One of the most entertaining movie dialogues scenes ever.

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