August 21, 2005

RB C. Dillion
RB J. Lewis
WR R. Wayne
RB J. Arrington
QB M. Bulger
WR J. Smith
RB M. Bennett
QB K. Warner
TE B. Franks
WR T. Williamson
RB T. Henry
WR S. Parker
WR R. Caldwell
K J. Wilkins
WR A. Hakim

Introducing the soon to be championship team of the CBF Football League. Wish them well. Except for R. Caldwell, who will be cut on Wednesday. Notice I did not draft any players from the 49ers.

Our league has 11 teams this year, a drop from the unheard of 14 teams last year, so our draft went a little quicker than previous years. However, we still had our share of shocking draft picks and unorthodox strategy. One team picked 3 WR's (Moss, Owens, Walker) with their top three picks. One team went one step beyond the hook-up (QB-WR combo) and went for triad (QB-WR-RB). Not one, but two kickers (A. Vinatieri and S. Graham!) were taken in the 9th round (15 rounds total). And the amazing Drew Bledsoe lasted until an auto-pick selection in the 14th round, a total steal!

In any case, it was a fun draft. One team has already been mathematically eliminated.

In other sporting news, the CBF Softball team crushed its way to a 17-1 victory in the playoffs. The other team's coach was heard saying 'Playoffs? Playoffs? Are you kidding me?' Championship game next week. The early line has CBF favored by 12.

(Edit: since I am now a loser and have a bunch of free time, I participated in an online yahoo football draft, where I find even more shocking draft strategies. one guy took WR C. Johnson with the 4th overall pick. Another guy drafted a kicker in the 5th round. A third team drafted 2 kickers by the 9th round. My chances of winning this 10 team league are no worse than 2-1.)

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