August 24, 2005

Life with no work thus far has been good. I have time to play poker. If I win, I can pay for my golf green fees or range balls that afternoon. If I lose, I have to play more poker to win it back.

Speaking of play, some guys go too far when it comes to games. Not to make too much light of a man's death, but a 28 year old guy played Starcraft for 49 straight hours, then he died. Game over.

Despite the dangers involved, with a lot of free days in the near future, I am going to have Madden Day 2006. (I hate the QB vision thing. Aaron Brooks is playing with a keychain flashlight, while Peyton Manning has the sun. Totally unfair.) Exact date is TBD (hopefully in the next 10 days). Last time, I tried going midnight to midnight, but I think I will be more successful if I start at noon. This week, mandatory minicamps.

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