August 25, 2005

Last night, on Mythbusters, they were looking for ways to clean out the barrell of a concrete truck if the truck gets stuck in traffic or something and the mixture solidifies. They were able to clean out a light coating on the inside, simulating leftover concrete, by dropping a stick of dynamite inside the barrell. (For the fully loaded and solidified concrete truck, they just loaded it with explosives and blew the thing to bits. This show is rated NE for Nerdy-Entertaining.)

Today I went to the dentist and similiar blasting techniques were used to clean my teeth. Except the dentist used high powered blasts of water instead of explosives. He joked that he was impressed that I didn't cry or need the gas or some painkillers for the amount of blasting, poking, and scraping he did. (It's been a few years since I went to the dentist.) Then he said I might need a root canal. And without dental insurance, that almost made me cry. Hmmm...sell my car to fix one tooth? Maybe I'll just go to Dr. Nick. We'll figure it out later.

In related painkiller news, the report that fetuses do not feel pain until a certain age, so it's okay to abort them is stupid. Isn't that like saying I could give you a bottle of Vicodin to consume then beat you down with a baseball bat (or a board with nails) because you won't feel any pain? Is there something about the report that I'm missing?

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