August 28, 2005

It was my fault.

Whenever an athlete is asked whether his/her team will win an upcoming game, the athlete should always guarantee victory. One of the stupidest things the sports media does is make a big deal over a player guaranteeing a victory. What is the player supposed to say? 'I think we are going to lose' or 'We don't have a chance'? Even the 49ers won't make statements like that. If you don't think you can win, you've already lost. First step of victory: guarantee a win.

As we headed into our softball championship game today, I was feeling pretty confident about our chance of victory. We had been rolling through the league, had been seriously challenged only twice all season, and were smacking the ball like mad. So not only did I predict a victory for Mo' Yeah, I even said that we would win by a score of 18 to 2. (We did win 17-1 and 21-7 in our 2 previous games.)

However, my rule of always guaranteeing victory was countered and overcome by the hubris of predicting a 16 run blowout. We returned to the dead ball era and reverted to our Little League style defense. Just a sloppy game all around and our lowest scoring output of the season added up to a 4-2 loss.

It was kind of a disappointment the way the season ended, but I still had fun just playing semi-competitive softball again this. It was a good way for some of us at CBF to hang out and get to know each other. (At the post-championship bbq, I even ran into a few friends I hadn't seen in a couple years. Of course, they were with the team that beat us.)

It looks like plans are already in works for next season. I hope they get rid of team-pitch. Based on our play, we should be moved up a division or two. We might have to field an 'A' team and a 'B' team (or use the pay-to-play rule if we can't find a financial sponsor). In any case, I will have to go my secret underground BALCO training center so next season, I can win the MVP/Silver Slugger/Gold Glove/Cy Young/Conn Smythe/Best Actor in a Foreign Short Film Awards.

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