June 17, 2005

It's going to be another Adam Sandler weekend for me.

Adam Sandler was the wedding singer. I will be the wedding officiant. Some people are asking for me to put jokes into the ceremony. But chances are that it's going to be Dave and Lana's only wedding, so I shouldn't turn the ceremony into a stand-up routine. (But then again, what are the chances of me ever getting to wreck as much havoc at a friends' wedding as I can at this one? Think of the potential. The $10,000 check from America's Funniest Home Videos should soothe over any murderous impulses the bride may have for me.) I don't know if I can ever just usher or be a gift runner at a wedding after this one. I'm going to have to retire as a wedding helper. Or get ordained so I can marry more people.

Then the day after the wedding, I will be like Billy Madison, but instead of going to school with kids, I will be going to camp with kids (I guess there will be a few other staff types like me there as well). It's a bible study training camp with an organization called Child Evangelism Fellowship where they train kids to teach bible studies to other kids. You have to recite five bible verses (Heb 9:22, Luke 19:10, Titus 3:5, Jeremiah 33:3, James 1:22) just to get past the registration desk when you arrive. We are taking 2 kids from King's Club, Raul and Alexandria. I'm not sure how well my kids will handle the lessons and trainings because most of the other kids come from not-so-urban and more-white-churchy areas and they cover a lot of material during the week. I'm actually missing the first day to be at the wedding, so I had a preview of the first day's material. It's in freakin Redding by the way. Please pray for these kids and my time at camp this week.

So it's going to be wedding to Redding. I'll be back on Friday, just in time to prep for the 5824 BBQ on Saturday. If any of you need some Mad Cal posts during the week to get through the boring work days (and I know there are some blog addicts out there), check the archives in the left sidebar. I recommend August 2004.

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