June 15, 2005

Bad news: The crack on my windshield has more than doubled in size overnight. I now have a clearly defined upper windshield and lower windshield. Guess I'll have to get it replaced soon. At least all the money I'm paying to AAA will finally be used for something.

Good news not related to auto insurance rates: Reno 911 season 3 has started. And I just picked up season 2 on dvd. Best non-scripted show on television.

BBQ news: In case you don't read our house blog, June 25th at 5pm. Please come by. Just call/email so we can get a head count.

Baseball/softball news: Giants actually win a game. Our CBF softball team is undefeated at 2-0. (Again, many eprops to Norm for setting up the softball page.) My goal to lead the team in slugging percentage is going to be tough to attain if Martin keeps hitting homers.

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