May 11, 2005

News from my high school concerning the cross country team that absolutely sucks. I've been following the situation for a while on some message board set up by current Lowell runners, but it looks like the loser PE teacher is going to get his way. Andy will still be the track coach, but I know that his heart is with cross country. I hate workplace politics.

Being a part of the cross country team was one of the best things about going to Lowell. I wasn't the fastest guy, or even the 7th fastest guy, but it was fun. Andy was cool because he treated the slow runners just like the fast runners. Some people thought he yelled too much, but I think he yelled just enough to help us become better athletes.

In more running news, I am thinking about registering to run a half marathon. I think I can survive 13.1 miles. I'll get a pair of those skate shoes just in case I get tired.

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