May 15, 2005

I spent a lot of time cleaning out my car today. In the trunk, I found 4 pairs of cleats (and 1 pair of basketball shoes).

My spiked shoes included:
1 pair of Reebok Pump football cleats
1 pair of Nike football-converted-to-baseball cleats
1 pair of Nike soccer cleats which I normally use for baseball and football (I used the first two pairs for a while when I lost these)
1 pair of Addidas golf cleats

I bought some Addidas running shoes today. I'm hoping that one of these shoe brands will want to compensate me for endorsing their shoes on this blog.

I will be using my golf shoes tomorrow for the Bay Area Rescue Mission Golf Tournament. For the record and the golf execs out there, I'm playing with Callaway clubs and Top Flite balls. Anyone wishing to donate money as one of my sponsors may still do so ( or 510-215-4555). It's for a good cause. I believe the money this year will be used toward fixing up the women's and family facilities. Something about the meeting the local fire code. Or you can just let the shelter burn down and have everyone just return to the streets. You make the call.

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