April 19, 2005

So we have a new pope. And my guy from Brazil did not win.

Why do popes have to change their names when they get elected? And why did this guy choose to be Benedict XVI? You though 2 George Bushs were confusing, try 16 Benedicts. If a black man becomes the pope, can he choose to be Malcom the Eleventh (XI)?

They should pick an interesting name, like Zanthar, Conan, or Optimus Prime. Maybe Destro or Catholic Commander. (I've been looking over my classic cartoon collection today.) Personally, I would like to be called The Pope Formerly Known as Cal. Then it would be really cool if a successor became The Pope Formerly Known as Cal II. Maybe if my bid to run for President of the United States doesn't work out, I'll consider the pontiffship (yes, I just made up a word).

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