March 3, 2005

Chris brought over one of those ab-roller wheel things. Just a wheel with two handles and you roll it back and forth to work on your abs. I remember one of my Berkeley roommates had one.

Anyways, I was sitting on the floor watching tv and this thing is laying next to me. So I pick it up and try it out. On my second rep, I hurt a muscle in my chest. It wasn't even working my abs at all. I pulled something right at the base of my sternum, a place I didn't even know I could injure. That was two days ago. I sneezed today and it hurt like crap. Damn ab wheel.

A few weeks ago, we were playing cards and we saw an infomercial for the stupidest workout tool ever. It was this stupid thing that looked like a set of connected slippers that you put both feet into and you shuffle your feet. Words cannot describe the lameness of this commercial. You have to see it for yourself someday to comprehend its stupidity. Just 10 minutes a day for firmer calves, thighs and buns.

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