February 8, 2005

Football season is over (the Pro Bowl is a crock).
There is still about 10 days before pitchers and catchers report to spring training.
NASCAR gets its preseason engines started later this week.
Hockey players and owners are still telling each other to puck off.
That means I am left to watch basketball highlights on ESPN and its affiliate networks.

Even though I have hated the NBA is seasons past, I have watched more games on tv this season, mostly because there is no hockey. And having watched more games, I found out there are a lot of really crappy teams in the league (the Warriors are included in this group). I still think there are too many selfish players in the NBA, but there are a few players I like.

Mad Cal's All Stars

1. Steve Nash Warp speed ahead!
2. Mike Bibby
3. Bob Sura My favorite ex-Warrior
4. Lebron James Wasn't impressed last year, but he's a stud now.
5. Shaq The answer to "Who's your Daddy?" (ha ha)
6. Manu Ginobli
7. Kevin Garnett
8. Dirk Nowitzki
9. Amare Stoudemire Best in-game dunker
10. Dwyane Wade
11. Andrei Kirilenko
12. Fred Hoiberg Who doesn't like Hoiberg?

Mad Cal Warriors

1. Stephon Marbury 'Best PG in the league' leads Knicks to 19-29 record.
2. Rafer Alston You can take the player out of And 1, but....
3. Stephen Jackson Watch out for the flying fist!
4. Steve Francis Cried when Mobley got traded. What a loser.
5. Tracy McGrady
6. Vince Carter
7. Grant Hill
8. Gilbert Arenas
9. Desmond Mason Kills my fantasy team's FG%. Otherwise he's okay.
10. Latrell Sprewell The 'Feed my family' line is classic.
11. Derek Fisher
11. Danny Fortson Averaging 12.2 fouls per 48 minutes.
12. Alonzo Mourning Side effects of kidney meds must include greed.

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