December 8, 2004

The West Wing is awesome. Now it's even got Al Bundy and Hawkeye Pierce from MASH.

I missed Scrubs last night. There was a stupid power outage at our house. (Speaking of house, check out the 5824 blog for our newest pet.) Since it was all dark, I decided that I would just head back into my work building and watch Scrubs there. There are 2 NBC affiliates in the Richmond area. Only one was showing Scrubs last night. The funky cable setup in my building only got one of the NBC channels. It was not the right one. I was not happy.

I'm going back to prison tomorrow. I got served some warrant about too many cheesy jokes within a 90 day period or some crap like that. I am going to the sheriff's detention center to pick up some toys and bikes that the prisoners there fix up for kids during Christmas. I guess it's a way for some of them to give back what they stole from the community. The only thing I don't like about going there is that they have a sign that says no weapons allowed, and I just don't feel safe there without my mace.

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