April 12, 2010

Mad Cal sports update.

Jeff Gordon is getting upset. Another week where he was so close to victory, yet unable to cross the line first. He's got to start driving like he's in the movie Death Race. One by one, competitors will go down as NASCAR's ratings go up.

Baseball season is here. The Giants look good so far. Well, except for Eli Whiteside. Buster Posey better be playing for the big league team by June. I would almost rather play with 8 guys and have every pitch bounce off the home plate umpire or roll to the backstop rather than have Whiteside in the lineup.

I watched some golf this weekend and was inspired to take my clubs out for some swings. But since it was rainy and windy, I decided to play some Hot Shots Golf on my Playstation instead. It's quite entertaining. If I get a birdie next time out on the course, I'm going to have my caddy say 'Tweet Tweet.' (Not Twitter related in any way.)

Go Sharks!

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lemmyboy said...

Eli Whiteside should bat ninth when he plays.