March 6, 2010

Don't believe this article about hot to get on the Price is Right.

Here's the Mad Cal way:

1. Get a big crowd to go with you. The producers want people to cheer for you. If there is a group of 15 people and one of them get on, there's at least 14 people guaranteed to cheer. We managed to do it with only 5 guys because we're awesome.

2. It helps if everyone in your group is wearing the same t-shirt. That way, the cheerleaders are easily identified when the camera pans the crowd.

3. Look for tickets in the trash can. I'll admit, this took a sharp eye and a bit of luck. But we managed to upgrade from the standby crowd in the morning taping to being first in line for the afternoon taping.

4. Slip $20 to the producers during the 'interview.' You'll win more than $20 back in prizes. Think of it as an investment.

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