October 26, 2009

When there are kids around, all the wall sockets have that plastic plug thing in there so kids don't stick stuff in there and get zapped. Now that I'm an adult, there are no such safety measures in place at my home. That means I am free to poke electrical sockets with my screwdriver. Why would I do such a dangerous thing? Because I can.

Whoever painted our apartment before we moved in painted over all the wall sockets. This made it incredibly difficult or impossible for me to put any plug into the outlets. (I would have just replaced the outlet itself, but it seems they crazy-glued the socket covers in place before painting over them too.) I tried to use non-conducting stuff made of wood or plastic to chip away the paint in the socket, but it didn't work. So I decided to used a screwdriver. I was wary about the 'sticking metal into an electrical socket' thing, but I'm not Amish and I need electricity, so I figured it was worth the risk.

And I guess better lucky than smart, because it seemed to work. I was trying to be careful about only holding on to the plastic handle on the screwdriver, but I did catch myself touching the metal a few times. It might have been a bit unsafe, but I've got to open up a few more outlets for the potential 2nd tv in the living room. Hopefully, the risk will result in a proper reward.

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