October 13, 2009

I hate the rain. Absolutely HATE it.

I want to punch Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman for making the movie Rain Man. I want to break the legs of any group doing a rain dance. I want to shut down strip clubs so thugs can't make it rain.

I understand cars drive slower in heavy rain. I have no problem with that, since even NASCAR doesn't race in rainy conditions. But this morning, as I was driving to the school where I work, cars were lined up for 2 blocks to pull into the parking lot. It's never this backed up. What was happening was instead of just pulling in to drop off their kids and wish them a nice day of school, parents were pulling in, getting an umbrella out, running around to the other side of the car, then walking their 3rd grader the 15 feet to the school building so they can stay dry, then running back to their cars, put their umbrellas away, and then drive off. The kids are already bundled in snow parkas with hoods on. Let them walk in the rain for 5 seconds!

When I have kids, I'm going to drop him/her off 2 blocks from school and have them walk from there so I can avoid all the parents doing the umbrella thing. (Unless if Rihanna is doing the umbrella thing with her kids at the school.) Then I'm going to drive home and call in sick because I hate going to work in the rain.

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